Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Harvard's ECG Wave Maven

I am constantly searching for resources which let me hone my electrocardiography skills and would like to share a gem I discovered a few months ago. Harvard's School of Medicine and the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has an excellent resource: ECG Wave Maven: Self-Assessment Program for Students and Clinicians. You can browse their cases as a quiz or for reference, and each case includes high resolution ECGs for your inspection.

I've found their difficulty ratings to be pretty accurate, and I've found that Level 3 or less (of 5 difficulty levels) are all ECG findings that Paramedics should be able to recognize.

Nathanson L A, McClennen S, Safran C, Goldberger AL. ECG Wave-Maven: Self-Assessment Program for Students and Clinicians. http://ecg.bidmc.harvard.edu.
I encourage all of you to go spend a few hoursdays at the site brushing up on your ECG interpretation skills, your patients deserve it!

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