Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fatal error LNK1171: unable to load c2.dll

We had an interesting problem arise where linking a Release mode static library written in C with a Fortran application using the Premier Partner edition of Visual Studio that ships with Intel Visual FORTRAN 10 would die at the linking stage. This happened late in the game as the debug mode builds of the C library did not exhibit this error. To make matters worse, if users had any other version of Visual Studio with just the Intel Visual FORTRAN Compiler Integration installed, no such problems arose.

Our first step was to install the Platform SDK: no joy. The second step was to manually copy the DLL's required (there are actually 3 DLL's you need) from a working install to the non-working install: success!

So, what could possibly be the problem here?

No amount of searching could turn up the issue, so a ticket was opened with Intel's Premier Support. Well, we should have done this from the beginning because it appears that the compiler writers themselves know a lot about the compiler toolchain; fancy that. The (relevant) response from Intel:
c2.dll is used by the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler to perform whole-program optimization. Might it be that this "release" C library was compiled with that option? If so, you will require Visual C++ to be installed in order to build using that library.

My advice is that if you know you will be linking a C library on a system with only Visual Studio Premier Partner Edition installed that you be sure that Whole Program Optimization is disabled, as otherwise Fortran programmers will not be able to use it.
Sure enough, disabling Whole Program Optimization on the Release mode builds of the C static library solved all of our issues.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 14: Denali National Park

We're 11 miles down Alaska Highway 3 (Parks Highway) at a school library. The weather is a bit bleh so we're unable to hike at the moment. We've now gone over 6500 miles on the road and are getting ready to make our return back to North Carolina. Here are some assorted photos from the park and our ascent of Mt. Healy (4500ft).

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 13: Anchorage / Denali National Park

So now we've been on the road for nearly two weeks, and are at our halfway point. We've been to Tok, Delta Junctions, Fairbanks, Palmer, Valdez, Glennallen, Anchorage, and Seward. We've hiked to some glaciers, camped near some glaciers, and are about to spend a few nights in Denali National Park. I don't really have much more time in front of this computer, so I'll just leave you with a picture from the beginning (Dawson Creek, BC, Canada) and the end of the Alaska Highway (Delta Junction, AK).

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 8: Driving to Alaska

So we're at a public library in Fort St. John, BC, Canada, checking our email, chatting it up with friends. We've been on the road for 8 days and have driven 3715 miles (5975 km). We've seen ten states and two Canadian provences.

Travel Log (subtract 1581 original miles for total distance)
  • Greenburg, IN - Odo 2292 miles - $4.129/gal - 15.153gal
  • Mt. Prospect, IL - Odo 2566 miles
  • Janesville, WI - Odo 2652 miles - $4.169/gal - 14.936gal
  • Oxford, WI - Odo 2746 miles
  • King Island, MN - Odo 2985 miles - $3.919/gal - 13.225gal
  • Little Falls, MN - Odo 3064 miles
  • Fargo, ND - Odo 3237 miles - $3.899/gal - 10.289gal (10% ethanol)
  • Jamestown, ND - Odo 3328 miles
  • Dickenson, ND - Odo 3501 miles - $4.149/gal - 12.717gal
  • Medroa, ND - Odo 3567 miles
  • Miles City, MT - Odo 3747 miles - $4.099/gal - 12.349gal
  • Livingston, MT - Odo 4002 miles
  • Big Timber, MT - Odo 4033 miles - $4.099/gal - 18.438gal (85.5 octane, 5gal spare)
  • Ackley Lake State Park, MT - Odo 4143 miles
  • Great Falls, MT - Odo 42131 miles - $4.099/gal - 8.158gal
  • Calgary, AB, Canada - Odo 4570 miles (7355 km) - CAD1.379/L - 51.793L
  • Lake Louise, AB, Canada - Odo 4673 miles (7520 km)
  • Drayton Valley, AB, Canada - Odo 4897 miles (7881 km) - CAD1.349/L - 49.314L
  • Dawson Creek, BC, Canada - Odo 5239 miles (8431 km) - CAD1.419/L - 56.675L (10% ethanol)
  • Kiskatinaw, BC, Canada - Odo 5259 miles (8464 km)
  • Fort St. John, BC, Canada - Odo 5296 miles (8523 km)

Next time I'll post it will probably be in Fairbanks, AK on the 13th.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Destination Alaska

So yesterday my youngest brother and I started our drive to Alaska. 10,200 miles in total, we've gone just over 500 on our first leg. We're in West Virginia with our other brother and his fiancée, both Marshall students. Tomorrow we are headed to Chicago for the fourth and a beach party. My new car is getting about 25mpg while it is still getting broken in. I'll keep a log going of the miles driven, gas consumed, and prices per gallon whenever I get the chance.

  • 03 July - Huntington, WV
  • 04 July - Chicago, IL
  • 05 July - Oxford, WI and Little Falls, MN
  • 06 July - Medora, ND
  • 07 July - Great Falls, MT
  • 08 July - Banff, AB Canada
  • When I figure out the rest I'll let you know!
Travel Log
  • Wilmington, NC - Odo 1581 miles - Gas $3.979 - 8.958gal
  • Cary, NC - Odo 1715 miles
  • Wytheville, VA - Odo 1907 miles - $3.899 - 13.658gal
  • Huntington, WV - Odo 2084 miles