Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Emergency Medical Technician

My absence from blogging lately can be attributed to a recent change in my life. I'm nearly finished with my Emergency Medical Technician - Basic training at a local community college. This class has been really challenging, and quite a lot of fun. However, studying has dominated my free time, and I have less time at work to blog (because I work less hours now).

Recap of fun things:
  • Hospital clinicals were great
  • Ambulance ride-alongs have been fun as well (one more left!)
  • The Jaws-of-Life are so indescribably cool (I got to cut the roof off of a car), quite literally the Jaws-of-Life will cut through anything you can fit them around on a car.
In August I begin Paramedic school, however, to fill the gap from January (certification as an EMT-B) until August I will be volunteering for a local Fire/Rescue squad as either an EMT-B first responder or an EMT-B in an ambulance. I will keep everyone (all seven of you) updated as this part of my life continues.

Nota bene: I will still be working as a software engineer, just volunteering as an EMT-B.