Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Basics and Paramedics

Recently I was asked what the difference was between an EMT-Basic and a Paramedic. It is simple, Basics have the ground beneath their feet, four walls around them, and a roof above their head. More importantly to the Basic, and to their patient, is the door. Behind this door is a Paramedic. A Paramedic who doesn't know if they are on the ground or falling to meet the ground. They really only have the walls they've put up around them. At least at this point, I can't fathom the ceiling for a Paramedic. The responsibilities and expectations are limitless when looking through the door at the Basic.


Star of Life Law said...

Paramedics save patients, EMT's save Paramedics!

Good luck with paramedic school. Are you planning to change careers and be a medic full time?

C. Watford said...

I plan on spending 2-3 years as a full time medic and do software consulting on the side. After that it is med school or back to computers while volunteering as a medic. Who knows at this point!