Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Intel Visual FORTRAN 10.0.025

Intel Visual FORTRAN 10.0.025 was just released, and of course I got my hands on it. I'd had troubles in 9.1 that were "Targeted to Fix," but I needed the codes compiled as soon as possible. So I install IVF10, and get started with my first project. I press F7 and wait...


The new version of IVF has a static verification component. It turns out that my project (about 105KLOC) causes the verification tool to run into the per-process memory limit (2GiB). Talk about cool. I've now broken two versions of the Intel compiler right out of the box!

I can't really blame Intel, I would imagine full static verification of a project of that size would be hard to do in 2GiB of memory. Besides, it is only a nicety, so I disabled it and compiled again. Without static verification it worked, however, when I went to run, my program reported that it could not find a file.

This file is pulled from an environment variable and as soon as I stepped through the application it became obvious what happened. Visual Studio's Environment configuration option for debugging had delimited the key value pair lines with \r\n instead of just \n. A temporary solution for this problem is to bring up a C++ project and input the environment there, then copy and paste the string into the IVF10 project's Environment setting. Not sure if this is an IVF10 or VS2005 issue.

I am now known at work as the code killer. Put something in front of me and I'll break it. Whoops.

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