Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Intel Visual FORTRAN oddity

So I come across some excellent FORTRAN77 code that I must convert to F90 and use Intel Visual FORTRAN with. Not a big deal, the code is well formed F77 and should convert to F90 in a straightforward manner.

Ha ha ha, I know, what was I thinking.

The conversion was easy going until mysteriously the compiler began crapping out (yes how very technical) with an abort code of 3. No error in my code, just the compiler was having internal issues. The specific error from the Intel FORTRAN 9.1 compiler was:
GEM_LO_GET_LOCATOR_INFO: zero locator value
This was truly vexing, because at the time I was in a rush to get this code ported over to IVF. Sure enough, there was an internal problem with the Intel compiler, confirmed by their support staff. A specific variable name (SNGL), coupled with some specific compiler flags (/iface:stdref /names:as_is) caused the abort.

A patch is in the works, meanwhile SNGL becomes singleVal in the converted code, and viola the problem vanishes. I'd love to see the root cause analysis on that bug!

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